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A Life-Changing Book from LLX Press
by Jerral Sapienza

Training & Discussion Resources

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      Handwriting Analysis is a skill which is best understood when undertaken with a commitment to a bit of training and a lot of time spent looking at samples, making sense of things.

The Hand Behind The Word has itself become a training text for Psychology Classes, Discussion Groups, HR & Training Teams and various personal and business interest groups interested in better understanding the relationship between handwriting, personality and behavior.

  • Introduction to handwriting basic information sheet (PDF)

    More General Information about the Book:
  • On Site Trainings
    using The Hand Behind The Word

    Would you like to participate in an on-site training with The Hand Behind The Word author Jerral Sapienza or set up a new training at your site?

    Feel free to be in touch for arranging a date for a personal visit there. If we can't arrange a personal visit to fit your schedule, then perhaps we can at least assist in providing training materials to assist in the effective presentation of the material within your class, training or group by one of your trainers.

    Trainings in development:

  • Mastering the JAQS style sample set
  • The Big Picture of Handwriting Analysis
  • What's in a Name (Signature Analysis)
  • Handwritten Affirmative Prayer for Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity)

    Building your own Samples booklets:

    Comments from some of our Training Partners

    I have to say this is an amazing book. But my husband is upset with you because this book ended up keeping us both up way too late last night looking at every piece of handwriting we could get our hands on! This is downright addictive. Can't wait to hear more about it at the seminar.

    -- Dec 2004
    Jennifer O.

    Our software development group did a team-building meeting with Jerral's handwriting analysis presentation as a core component. The team side was as we might have expected, engaging and interesting with some useful tidbits to carry back to our daily worklife. But the place where he blew my socks off was the personal one-on-ones. It was eerily enlightening to have someone who doesn't even know me tell me things I have no idea how he could know! Amazing. And I'm not into this woo-woo stuff, but you've sold us.

    -- Feb 2003
    Robert T.
    RJT Software Engineering Team

    For our annual meeting, Jerral did quick signature analysis for each of the twenty board members by fax which we then presented to them for the evening banquet. The night was an enjoyable success with all the board members getting a kick out of their personal analysis. E.R. especially found his read intriguing; how ever did it show up that he'd have such a deep voice, when he and Jerral have never met!? All in all, it was a great way to personalize the presentations at the meeting. Thanks so much!

    -- June 2002
    Carly J.
    Public Relations Manager

    My first thought was that I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach to know that someone was able to see through my mask! Not that Jerral and his team were pushy, just that I thought I had my "Lone Ranger" mask and cape pretty well hidden. But it was fun and all I can say is, "Wow!"

    -- Sep 1998
    Dating Partners<
    Amanda B.

    Discount Purchase Program

          If your organization would like to purchase multiple copies of The Hand Behind The Word for educational use, we'd love to help you get started with your program by giving you a free instructor copy of the book as well. Contact Us directly for this offer; it is probably not offered by your bookseller.

    General Requirements for participation in program:

  • You are purchasing the books for educational use, though we do loosely define "educational." Can be schools, churches, hospice, nursing education or even family or community groups... most ways you can think of to define "training."

  • Submit a copy of your basic training plan or "resource & care plan" with the order. (Again... don't lose sleep over this; we simply like to know how the books are being used. Though we do appreciate detail, don't think we're looking for a grant proposal format here. Just let us know what you plan to do with the books.)

  • Include check (US $) with your first order (subsequent orders may use purchase orders, on approved credit from approved institutions.) Using the order form provided, fill in an order form print it out, and mail it to: LLX Press Educational Orders; PO Box 380 Eugene, OR 97440-0380

  • Please allow 4-6 business days to receive your books.
    (*Shipping costs / times outside the US are higher, and may be subject to duty, tariffs, delays. )

    Share Your Ideas and Learn About Others!
    Network with other programs, trainers and business leaders,
    sharing your ideas about how to effectively develop a training plan, and how to best to present it.

    More Details about the Book:

  • Shop At Amazon If you have questions or comments, please feel free to be in touch.

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    Jerral is also author of URGENT WHISPERS: Care of the Dying, and other books in bookstores nationwide.  

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