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JAQS Sample Booklet, companion for The Hand Behind The Word

JAQS Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet ISBN: 0971710767 (workbook)     4" x 5"   48 pgs $ 4.95 US ; 6.50 CAN
to accompany the main book,
The Hand Behind The Word ISBN: 0971710732 (paper)     5" x 8"   256 pgs   $16.95 US; $12.50 CAN

The JAQS (Just A Quick Sample) Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet is a companion volume to The Hand Behind The Word, serving as research and colletion tool for handwriting samples from the many people our in your world.

As your interest and abilities grow in Handwriting Analysis, you'll be wanting to take more and more samples to add to your personal samples collection. A personal collection is the single most valuable training archive for your gaining new insight and wisdom about handwriting.

Small enough to put into your pocket, pack or purse, the JAQS Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet is only 4" x 5" (10.5cm x 13.5cm).

Among its 48 pages are: one page for you to enter your own sample, followed by forty numbered pages for you to collect other samples.

With the pages all numbered, it's simple to refer to any sample as a book label and a page number, able to return to it later and compare it with others you may have in your (or anyone else's) collection.

Hold onto your sample books, though. The more samples you collect the more valuable your samples booklets become, especially if you like to collect samples as you travel. Once you start to fill up one booklet, start another so you have multiple booklets running. Each one will have its own personality based on the samples it contains. Each unique, each valuable, each instructive in your discovery quest to learn more about handwriting analysis!


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Jerral is also author of URGENT WHISPERS: Care of the Dying, and other books in bookstores nationwide.  

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