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The Hand Behind The Word by Jerral Sapienza   ISBN: 0971710732 (paper)     5" x 8"   256 pgs   $16.95 US; $12.50 CAN
JAQS Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet by Jerral Sapienza   ISBN: 0971710767 (workbook)     4" x 5"   48 pgs $ 4.95 US ; 6.50 CAN

Comments from some of our Training Partners

THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD should be required reading for anyone even thinking about partnering in business or personal relationship. This is a superb guide for encouraging us to keep an open mind as we get to know people, pay attention to the details in front of us, and trust our instincts as we learn more.
-- Roger Hadden, Executive Coach.

For our annual meeting, Jerral did quick signature analysis for each of the twenty board members by fax which we then presented to them for the evening banquet. The night was an enjoyable success with all the board members getting a kick out of their personal analysis. E.R. especially found his read intriguing; how ever did it show up that he'd have such a deep voice, when he and Jerral have never met!? All in all, it was a great way to personalize the presentations at the meeting. Thanks so much!

-- June 2002
Carly J.
Public Relations Manager

Our software development group did a team-building meeting with Jerral's handwriting analysis presentation as a core component. The team side was as we might have expected, engaging and interesting with some useful tidbits to carry back to our daily worklife. But the place where he blew my socks off was the personal one-on-ones. It was eerily enlightening to have someone who doesn't even know me tell me things I have no idea how he could know! Amazing. And I'm not into this woo-woo stuff, but you've sold us.

-- Feb 2003
Robert T.
RJT Software Engineering Team

My first thought was that I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach to know that someone was able to see through my mask! Not that Jerral and his team were pushy, just that I thought I had my "Lone Ranger" mask and cape pretty well hidden. But it was fun and all I can say is, "Wow!"

-- Sep 1998
Dating Partners<
Amanda B.

I have to say this is an amazing book. But my husband is upset with you because this book ended up keeping us both up way too late last night looking at every piece of handwriting we could get our hands on! This is downright addictive. Can't wait to hear more about it at the seminar.

Jennifer O.
-- Dec 2004

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The Hand Behind The Word       ISBN: 0971710732: Paperback     5" x 8"   256 pgs   $16.95 US; $12.50 CAN
JAQS Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet       ISBN: 0971710767 Workbook     4" x 5"  48 pgs  $ 4.95 US ; 6.50 CAN

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